• First North advisory


Nasdaq First North is an alternative market for small and medium-sized enterprises for raising public capital either through stock or bond issues. In short, it is a light version of the regulated stock market as the regulatory demands on First North are lower than the main list.


First North has both equity and bond markets which provide two ways for a company to raise growth capital. The positives and negatives of stock and bond issues are explained in more detail in our corporate finance advisory web page. By listing on First North, the company receives the stock exchange quality mark which will support the company’s business activities and attracts a qualified workforce. Additionally, being admitted to trading on public exchange allows to determine the company’s market price and creates an opportunity for the owners to partially or fully exit should they want to. More information about First North can be found on the Nasdaq homepage.


United Partners Advisory is a certified First North advisor. In 2017, we successfully listed a 4.7 million euro bond issue of our Group company UPP & CO Kauno 53 OÜ on First North. Our advisory service includes the full listing process and we are ready to assist the company from our first meeting up to post-listing services after the securities are successfully admitted to trading.


First meeting with United Partners Advisory:
• Assessing the company and its eligibility for First North;
• Explaining the implications of listing on First North.

First steps for admitting:
• Estimating the value of the company;
• Developing the story and strategy for going public;
• Analyzing the capital required:
• Defining the required capital and its structure;
• Determining the transaction price.

Starting the admitting process:
• Strengthening the business operations and financial position of the company;
• Developing a proper financial reporting process;
• Due diligence;
• Compiling documents required for admission to trading;
• Compiling investor materials;
• Marketing the security to the investors.

Raising capital:
• Roadshow;
• Organizing the subscription of securities.

Following the successful admittance of the security:
• Developing and managing investor relations;
• Financial advisory.