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We assist companies and strategic or financial buyers through the entire acquisition process. United Partners Advisory’s comprehensive acquisition services range from screening potential acquisition targets to closing the transaction, always in the best benefit of the customer. In our experience, a good acquisition candidate is well-priced, has a manageable debt load, clean financial statements and minimal litigation issues. Additionally, we can provide access to our widespread business network and assist with choosing the right target for highest value creation.


The best candidate for a management buyout (and a management buy-in) is a business that can assume debt, but may be in danger of stagnating because management is being prevented from engaging in new opportunities by the current owners. It can be a sensitive process for the company and should be well planned since many risks prevail (e.g. over-leveraging); however, it can be very beneficial for a company’s development and has significant upside potential for the management. Structuring the capital for an MBO is a critical part of the process and in addition to finding debt (and mezzanine) providers, usually external financial investors need to be engaged with to support the process with additional equity.


When selling the whole company, part of its shares or a business unit, finding the right buyer should be the highest priority. There are always passive buyers on the market who wish to expand their business to retain shareholder value, however, these buyers are often not willing to pay a premium. We believe that the best offers come from buyers who are not actively looking to buy: the concept of additional value creation should be delivered to potential buyers. That is why selling a company is a conscious and proactive process where previously mapped potential buyers are being systematically approached.

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