• Current investments

Current investments

Investment date: 2014
Industry: Technology

Online service providing an alternative to banking. Enables its clients to open a fully functional account abroad without the hassle. Loe edasi

OÜ Metkall
Investment date:  2006
Industry: Trading


Handling of metal furniture sales and other related supporting operations. Loe edasi

Nordic Lumber AS (ex AS Kestvuspuit)
Investment date: 2006
Industry: Wood working


Impregnation of wood materials, wood vacum drying and wood planning services. Loe edasi

AS Vertex-Estonia
Investment date: 2006
Industry: Metal working


The company’s two areas of specialisation include (1) production of satellite communication antennas for ground stations; (2) production of steel construction and industrial equipment. Loe edasi

Nelja Energia AS
Investment date: 2005
Industry: Energy


Investment into renewable energy companies in the Baltic countries. The majority of the total consolidated production of renewable energy originates from wind farms. Loe edasi

Balti Realiseerimiskeskus OÜ
Investment date: 2004
Industry: Trading


The most recognised used vehicle seller operating in all three Baltic states. Co-operations with a number of large European leasing and rental companies, vehicle dealers and auction houses. Loe edasi